Devon Chamber supports EU workforce in county businesses


Commenting on the rise of verbal and physical attacks across Plymouth and the UK, targeting people from other parts of the European Union as a result of the EU Referendum result, Chief Executive of Devon Chamber of Commerce, George Cowcher said:

“In the aftermath of the EU Referendum result, there has been an issue emerging across the country, which needs to be immediately addressed.
This is an issue which is affecting people who make a positive impact to Chamber member businesses in Devon and the wider UK, who many of us call co-workers and friends. It is discrimination, it is racism and it is sadly seeing an increase across the country.

Devon Chamber has heard of incidents across the UK where there businesses have reported worry over verbal and physical attacks on people from other parts of the EU. These individuals have done nothing wrong. The EU workforce in Devon, and across the country has worked side by side with their UK born and global co-workers to make positive contributions to the local economy.

The rising climate of fear for our EU workforce is an unnecessary burden added to the uncertainty of the future of their right to live and work in the UK. The Chamber supports the positive contribution that workers from across the EU, and globe, have had on the county and will not tolerate any form of discrimination or racism towards its colleagues and friends.

The business community is stronger when it works together, both within the UK and internationally. There is much to do over the coming months to tackle the implications of Brexit and the Chamber will continue to support its members to provide information and guidance as we navigate the turbulent waters of change ahead.”

If your business has experienced any discriminatory incidents as a result of the EU Referendum result, or you have concerns regarding the impact of Brexit on your business Devon Chamber of Commerce invites you to share your feedback either by email to or in person at one of the various EU Round table events being organised across the county. Find out more at