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Dementia Awareness Contact: Norrms Mc Namara
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Hello my name is Norrms Mc Namara and nine years ago at age just 50 yrs old I was diagnosed with the Alzheimer’s type of dementia. I didn’t think it could get any worse than this, after all what’s worse than receiving a diagnosis of what’s considered a terminal disease as there is no cure?

This is because most of the time, especially in early stages, you are quite lucid most of the time and even later on there will be times when you are still lucid and yet you have absolutely no control over your actions sometimes, can you begin to imaging how terrifying that is??.

In the last 3 and a half years years we have managed to recruit over 700 Purple Angel ambassadors worldwide and are now established in over 44 Countries Globally!! The thing is, every one of us, including myself, are volunteers and do not get paid a penny for all we do, so what do we do?

We create Purple Angel dementia friendly communities all over the world, and in fact, in the USA we have created Purple angel Cities, where whole cities come together and make sure those with dementia and their carers/loved ones live a better quality of life. We have opened “memory cafes all over the world, these are memory cafes with a difference because you do not have to have a diagnosis to attend. We open our doors to anybody, at any age to those who have memory problems and also those who drop in just for a little information as well as tea and biscuit’s which are of course ALL FREE including the entrance!! And so much more, please take a look at our website above.

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