Torquay Chamber and Local Police combat crime.

“Torquay Chamber of Commerce are delighted to partner with the Police to combat crime in Torquay regarding retailers so they have produced diary sheets where you can record the crime committed. Due to there being some issues with getting through to 101 using the telephone, instead if you go to and report the crime using the “report a non-emergency crime” function you will receive a crime number and a proportionate investigation into the circumstances, the crime number given should be recorded on the diary sheets but there is also a facility to give information on the website.

An example of a non-emergency crime would be a shoplifter which has made off from the location, also if there is no indication of where that person is and no threat to members of the public as the incident has finished we would class this as a non-emergency.

These diary sheets should indicate to the PCCs that we need more police in Torquay to tackle the crime.” To download your sheet click here.

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