About Us

About Us

The Chamber is a non-profit making organisation, and exists to benefit its members by negotiation with other interested bodies in all matters that may have an effect on the trading prospects of our members.  We also do as much as possible to ensure that our members are aware of all policies under discussion by Local and Central Government.


The aims and objectives of the Chamber are to promote, advance and protect the general, commercial and professional interests of its members, and to discuss and promote measures calculated to benefit the mercantile and trading interests of our region.


The Chamber is recognised by both Local and National Government as being the representative of Trade and Commerce, and is therefore consulted, and its opinion sought, whenever topics that might affect its members are being discussed.  For example, traffic and transportation, tourism, policing and regional development etc.


Several Open meetings of the Chamber take place each year, and members are entitled to distribute information about their business to other members by this means free of charge.  Membership taken out now will cover a 12 month period from the date of joining.


Susie Colley - Chairman