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Torquay International School

A student-focused learning environment with small class sizes

We have been teaching English since 1972. Between us we have a vast depth of knowledge and experience about teaching and caring for our students.
Our team believes passionately in the quality of our school and the courses we offer. We have decades of experience in delivering engaging, results-driven courses and are very excited about the prospect of tailoring our courses so that they meet the specific needs of every one of our students.
We believe passionately in the quality of our school, the courses and the accommodation that we offer to all our clients. At Torquay International School our average staff/student ratio is 1/4.
Our General English courses benefit from an average class size of 7 – 8 students (maximum 12). Our Professional English stream, Max 4, on the other hand enjoys the luxury of 2 – 3 students on average per class (maximum 4).

Published by Susie Colley

Chair of the Chamber of Commerce