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£57m Grants Paid Out – All Torbay Businesses Urged to Apply

Torbay businesses are encouraged to find out if they are eligible for additional financial support available to help mitigate the effects of COVID-19 on their business. Since the start of the pandemic over £57m in grants have been paid out by the Council, but we think there may be still some more who are eligible…

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ERBID2 (English Riviera Business Improvement District 2)

Renewal Ballot The ERBID Company has published the ERBID2 Draft Consultation Business Plan in its quest to secure a further £3.5 million to promote the resort professionally for a further 5-years from January 2022 – ERBID2 To set up ERBID2 we are required to hold a renewal ballot and this is planned for May 27th…

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Business Impact Survey

How has lock down affected your business ? Torquay Chamber of Commerce is working with other business groups across Torbay to undertake a brief business impact survey to collect more hard evidence regarding the impact of Covid-19 and what support your business needs for future survival and growth after Lockdown.   The survey evidence is…

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Bluefin Tuna

Our BlueFin Tuna lobbying is gaining media attention

As you are aware, we have been asking as many people to throw their weight behind the campaign to allow catch and release fishing. Torbay is said to have an abundance of the fish, which wouldn’t be caught but instead tagged for scientific research purposes. The Torquay Chamber of Commerce chair, Susie Colley, says the proposed…

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Bluefin Tuna Torbay

A Great Opportunity for Torbay but Action is needed now

Bluefin Tuna Angling is a great new, exciting opportunity for Torbay but your help and support is needed immediately We need to impress our MP’s to urgently canvass DEFRA to grant permission for a recreational live release Bluefin fishery down here in the Southwest and other parts of the UK. Since 2015, Atlantic Bluefin Tuna have appeared…

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Bluefin Tuna – An exciting new opportunity for Torbay

Giant Atlantic Bluefin Tuna have been gracing the waters off Torbay each autumn for several years now. The Angling Trust has been working with local fishing charter vessel captains to persuade the Government to adopt a scientifically useful CatcH And Release Tagging (‘CHART’) program for the fish this year.

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Torquay Harbour

Financial support for businesses

The latest grant scheme is fundamentally different in terms of administration as businesses qualify for different levels of support, paid from different grants based on the length of time they are impacted by COVID-19. https://www.torbay.gov.uk/businesses-financial-support/

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£7 million in Grant funding

Torbay Council is calling on all businesses in Torbay to check what support they are eligible for, and to get ready to apply for grants. We have secured £7 million to support businesses who have had to close, or who are suffering financial hardship. There is a range of other advice and support available for…

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Torquay Sunset

£25m Torquay Regeneration funding

Torbay Council is getting £750,000 from the Government to start regeneration projects in Torquay. The accelerated funding will allow it to make a start on some of the work ahead of a decision on the full bid expected in eight weeks.

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Torbay Business & Chambers Network

Torbay Business & Chambers Network – TBCN

A collaboration of the Chambers of Commerce for Brixham, Paignton and Torquay and the Torbay Business Forum.

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Palm Trees

Torquay Town Investment Plan targets £21.9m from Towns Fund

Torquay has been offered a Town Deal and will submit detailed business cases to unlock an incredible £21.9m investment from the Towns Fund to drive economic regeneration in the town.

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Extension of Furlough

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced that the furlough scheme will be extended until the end of March, amid increased measures for business support as the UK enters a four-week lockdown. Payments are set to remain at 80% of employee’s wages. It comes as the chancellor said that it was “right to go further” in the…

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