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A Great Opportunity for Torbay but Action is needed now

Bluefin Tuna Torbay

Bluefin Tuna Angling is a great new, exciting opportunity for Torbay but your help and support is needed immediately

We need to impress our MP’s to urgently canvass DEFRA to grant permission for a recreational live release Bluefin fishery down here in the Southwest and other parts of the UK.

Since 2015, Atlantic Bluefin Tuna have appeared late each summer across the UK’s western waters in substantial numbers. The UK now has a Bluefin quota, which means that a Recreational Sea Angling Live Release Fishery is now an option.  

There is a fantastic commercial opportunity for Torbay to join with this, but there is a deadline of 15th February for us to apply to the Government, if we want it to happen this year. 

The Commercial Opportunity 

We believe now is the time to establish a large-scale Recreational Live Release Fishery in Torbay. Coastal communities across the world hosting the fleets are shown to benefit significantly, and it is estimated that the value to the UK economy of Recreational Sea Angling is £1.5 – £2 billion per annum. This is a golden opportunity for Torbay, creating new opportunities for many businesses. Anglers and tourists travel extensively to take part in this recreational sport and are willing to pay up to £1000 per day for the experience. The opportunity as well as being a commercial/economical opportunity, in terms of the fish, it’s a tag and release for marine/environmental/sustainability purposes. Unlike all the other fish that are caught on a daily basis all around the world which either end up on your plate or for marine/environmental purposes. The spinoffs for our hotels, restaurants, shops and other businesses would be immeasurable.

With all our charter boats and coastal hospitality businesses, Torbay is ideally placed to deliver an enhanced angling experience, in a superb marine setting – for more information click here.

Securing the future of the fish 

By engaging with the local community, awareness can be raised of conservation policies towards this valuable yet vulnerable species. The support for sustainable long-term management strategies is boosted significantly. Our scientific knowledge of this iconic species would enhanced by implementing the catch, tag and release programme, and would contribute towards long term research.

What we need you to do  

Time is tight, as our application needs to be completed by 15th February 2021. Please spare a few minutes to support this amazing opportunity. By working together, we can lobby Government to make this become reality, and boost our valuable marine businesses, as well as Torbay in general.