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ERBID2 (English Riviera Business Improvement District 2)

ERBID2 (English Riviera Business Improvement District 2)

Renewal Ballot

The ERBID Company has published the ERBID2 Draft Consultation Business Plan in its quest to secure a further £3.5 million to promote the resort professionally for a further 5-years from January 2022 – ERBID2

To set up ERBID2 we are required to hold a renewal ballot and this is planned for May 27th to June 24th 2021. A majority YES vote is required if eligible businesses want the ERBID Company to continue. A NO vote will mean that the ERBID Company will come to an end on December 31st 2021

The formal ERBID2 consultation process is scheduled to start from February 24th 2021 and will include invitations for you to take part in both online ERBID2 Consultation Workshops and Online Surveys. We actively encourage you to get involved and share your views. The Final Plan will be mailed out in May and it is this document, that businesses will vote and decide the future of the ERBID.

The 30-page Draft Consultation Business Plan describes what ERBID1 has delivered since January 2017, with stability and strong local, regional and national partnerships highlighted, along with achieving ongoing tourism growth and delivering numerous successful Destination Marketing projects. It has been estimated that the work of the ERBID Company has returned £75 for every £1 invested collaboratively through the Levy and has received notable praise from many local businesses.

Click on the link below to access the BID information

Published by Susie Colley

Chair of the Chamber of Commerce