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Torquay Harbour Permanent Market

Torquay Harbour Market

The Torquay Chamber of Commerce and local leading business owners have put forward a proposal to Torbay Council to establish a year round market experience utilising the events space at the Banjo in Princess Gardens on Torquay Harbour. A CGI example of how it could look can be seen in the photo above.

We are aiming to launch later this year with a boutique Christmas market that is in parallel, if not exceeding the standard of the markets found in Bath and Exeter and would see it run from mid-November to the end of December. Initially the market cabins would be made available to existing local businesses, regardless of if they have premises in the town and the emphasis would be on high quality gifts and produce.

If the Christmas market is a success then there is a proposal to hold a market each month providing a “calendar” of events to attract both residents and visitors alike, providing the town a different monthly event for the entire year. These will range from themes such as a farmers market, wine and drinks market, shell fish market and many more varieties…

The project will be managed by the Chamber of Commerce initially and subsequently a management company would be formed. As the site has been renovated by approximately £250K from the Accelerated Funding from the Government we are negotiating with the Council to have an initial “rent free year “ and after which a reasonable rent will be applied. This will not only provide the Council with an income but will help to maintain the upkeep and high standard of the cabins.

We are keen to enhance the plans that the Council have for Christmas lights along the promenade and are confident that both the market and lights will enhance the experience for both residents and visitors, increase footfall to the promenade and increase spend within businesses located at the lower end of the town.

We need your feedback and help

We need your feedback and help. We would love to hear whether you think the market is great idea and something you would like to see become a reality – please fill in a very short survey so we can gauge the level of support.