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Transformational News for Torquay

Shopping Bag

Today we have received the fantastic news that Torquay has been offered a Town Deal, with a value of £21.9 million. This is very welcome news which will not only rejuvenate the town, but send a positive and assured message to investors and developers that Torquay is open for business.

Apparently some of the funds will be put towards restoration of The Pavilion, as well as providing funds to rejuvenate the underused and tired retail areas, improve transport links and revitalize Torquay, making it a top class destination to visit and work. The Directors of the  Chamber are absolutely delighted about this transformational good news and are very much looking forward to the next exciting phase. We would like to sincerely thank all those involved in all the commitment and hard work in securing this incredible life line.  


Published by Susie Colley

Chair of the Chamber of Commerce