TCC Chairman’s Report

Chairman’s Report – 28 January 2019

Since the incorporation of the Chamber in 2017, and the election of Directors, The Chamber has been quietly working together in an attempt to deliver our remodelled mission statement of 2018

* To Increase membership of the Chamber; we had 12 members when I was elected in 2015, we have now 53 and a contact list of an additional 47
* To support the town’s stakeholders in promoting investment and encouraging business growth; which we have done
The Aims of the Chamber will continue to be in 2019:
* To work in partnership with Town stakeholders to support investment and growth
* To promote the Town at every opportunity through all available media sources
* To provide businesses with the opportunity to network and encourage inter-business trading
* To become the voice of local businesses, and give members the opportunity to express their views
* To signpost businesses to relevant advice and support
* The Directors have met on a fairly frequent basis to discuss matters, but tend to communicate via email /text and Whatsapp to save us all time
* A lot of time was spent in the Spring and Summer in an attempt to support the retailers on the Strand, and working with Pam Woods of the ASB team and Tara Fowler, we achieved some modest success
* Negotiated a more robust insurance cover for the Assets of the Chamber and a D&O policy, which will be reviewed annually
* Worked with the Harbour authority and jointly promoted the retailers and restaurants around the Harbour area, for the Cruise ships and the visitors using the harbour
* Attended numerous meetings regarding the Torquay Town Centre regeneration proposals
* Attended meetings re the Mayors Forum
* Promoted the use of the catenary wires for the Retailers to advertise “Free events “ with modest success ; negotiate with Kier a package to include installation as well as hire, and this is now more streamlined and advertised on the website
* Worked with the BBC TV and Radio to promote the retailers in Torquay
* Visited with other Directors the Torwood Street site
* Visited with other Directors the proposed redevelopment site at Slador
* Held several Dementia Awareness meetings, and have another planned already this year at the beginning of February with the Devon Podiatry groups
* All Directors helped in a survey of all members to try and ascertain what particular issues were important to members
* Discussed that networking meetings should be held every other month and members will choose venues
* Directors all worked hard to promote the Christmas lunch and a very successful collection of Christmas boxes were delivered to Shekinah/ Safe space
* I have put my name forward to accompany the Police on a “shift” to try and get a clearer understanding of some of the issues that they face on a daily basis
* Started planning the ideas for Rowcroft and Torbay Hospital, which will be discussed later in the Agenda