Torbay Community Governance Review

Torbay Council is undertaking a review as below, and has asked if The Chamber would communicate the details with its members.


 Torbay Community Governance Review

Dear colleague,

You may already be aware that Torbay Council is undertaking a Community Governance Review to decide if any changes should be made to local governance arrangements in Torbay. The review will include the consideration of setting up new town or parish councils to represent communities and deliver a range of local services.

Full details on the review can be found on our website at:

Any new town or parish council would not replace Torbay Council but would exist alongside it, just like Brixham Town Council does now. They will decide what, if any, local services they want to provide to residents and may take over responsibility for services previously delivered by Torbay Council. These may include things like litter-bins, toilets, open spaces, lighting and community centres. The amount they will charge through an additional Council Tax payment (precept) will depend on the number of services they want to provide to their local community.

There could be a larger number of small town or parish councils representing individual areas, parts of Torbay could remain unparished, or we could simply retain the status quo. This review is also an opportunity for the community to comment on any changes that they might like in respect of the existing town council in Brixham.

Please could you forward this email to all your community contacts so we can get the views of all interested people – including local residents, employees, business people, community organisations, statutory agencies and others.

Please complete the survey which can be found at:]

by Friday, 15 March 2019.