Torquay Christmas Lights 2017, press release


6 September 2017

For Immediate Press Release

Christmas Lights in Torquay

As the summer holidays have just finished, it is important that the towns ttention now moves to the Christmas festive season. It is unclear to the Torquay Chamber of Commerce what plans are being made by the Mayor about ensuring Torquay has Christmas lights this year.
There appears to be no funding available, and no appetite from either the council or the towns retailers to pay for Christmas lights.

Whilst, at the request of the Mayor last year, the TCC were asked to help organise the 2016 Christmas lights, no such approach has been made this year. Due to the well documented vandalism of the infrastructure last year, the costs relating to replacing the bolts and wires were significantly more than the income received, and so there is currently a Christmas lights deficit, which the TCC is endeavouring to settle.

Christmas lights are important for retail and tourism, which is why the TCC is concerned that the council does not appear to have a plan of action for the installation of Christmas lights this year. We all understand the budgetary issues the council faces, but it still needs to take responsibility for promoting the town centre. The TCC would like to know who is organising and funding the lights this year, and would be very happy to discuss the use of the infrastructure now installed along the high street with any interested parties.

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